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Circle Lens Store — Korean Circle Lenses

Why buy ordinary colored contacts, when you can buy circle lenses? They not only give you the desired color, but also make your eyes look bigger and more expressive! It's awesome!
About circle lenses
Circle lenses (Big Eyes lenses) are new, but already well-known Korean colored contacts, which visually enlarge the iris, creating a unique effect that you will find you can't live without. Korean lenses have different diameters that allow you to create different eye looks, from almost undetectable to the biggest eyes (the "dolly eyes" effect). Colors and prints of these lenses range from the most natural to bright and flashy. Another very nice feature of Korean circle lenses is that they perfectly cover any eye color, even black, as they were originally developed for the dark Asian eyes. Make dark brown or black eyes into blue with Korean lenses? It's easy!
About us
Circle Lens Store is one of the largest online stores of Korean colored contacts. Here you can buy high-quality original Korean colored lenses, natural or large-sized, with or without power, and also cosplay, fancy, scleral, UV-glowing lenses, the elite Solotica and Desio lenses. Be sure that you will find exactly what you need with a wide variety of colored lenses, presented in our store.
Why us?
  • In Circle Lens Store you will find more than 700 names of color lenses with a wide variety of colors and diameters. Most of our lenses are available with power. We know how it's important for many of our customers.
  • We are pleased to offer you contact lenses of the highest quality, as we work only with the major manufacturers proven over the years. In Circle Lens Store you will not find lenses of dubious quality from unknown producers, and we guarantee that you will not find lenses from China in our store. Some other stores like to sell low-quality lenses from China under Korean names, because they are cheaper and allow them to attract more customers. We at Circle Lens Store are against this approach, our priorities are openness, honesty and professionalism. We believe that your eyes deserve the best quality.
  • We would like to give you permanent discounts and promotions that allow you to buy our Korean lenses at the most competitive price. For example, when buying only three of any products, you get free shipping to any location, no matter where you are. Also, you can always get discounts up to 25% on any circle and cosplay lenses. Nice, isn't it? 
  • Shopping in Circle Lens Store is quick and easy. One of the main benefits of our site is that we have collected the lenses of many manufacturers for you in one place. We have not only Korean, but also halloween, cosplay, scleral lenses, Anesthesia and ColourVUE lenses, and useful related products. Thus, you save your time and money on delivery. Just a few clicks and the contacts of your dreams are already flying to you via fast air mail!
  • We make deliveries to any city in any country. Is there a post office in your town? Then we can ship your order to you!
  • We guarantee that if your parcel is lost by post or customs (which is an extremely rare thing, but still it can happen), we will send your order again without any additional cost from you! 
  • You can always get the highest quality consultation with an individual approach. We are happy to answer any your questions, and we will help you to choose lenses suitable exactly for you. Just contact us, and we will answer you as soon as we can.

Enjoy your shopping!


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