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About Circle Lens


About Circle Lenses

Millions of people all over the world prefer circle lenses to eyeglasses and ordinary lenses. Today colored contacts are not only a tool for the vision correction, but they also serve as a part of your style and image. As for the circle lenses, they are a safe choice because aside from the change of the natural color of eyes, their owner gains the unique effect of "big eyes". This makes them stand out in the crowd and make their appearance even more interesting.

Initially circle lenses were developed for brown-eyed Asians. That is why all of them are able to conceal the eye color, even the most dark ones. Thus it is quite possible, for example, for a person with dark-brown eyes to have light grey eye color using circle lenses.

Big diameters of color prints (14 mm and more) allow the circle lens to visually enlarge the iris size, that achieves an effect of "doll" eyes. Our circle lens are made of natural hypoallergenic materials. They are extremely simple and convenient to use. They have international certificates and are completely safe.

The circle lenses differ additionally because of their potential for long term of use which is about one year with the correct care. Care is the same as for normal soft contact lenses care. 

Note: if you have never worn contact lenses, we recommend you to consult with your ophthalmologist to clarify about any contraindications.





Myth and Reality


Unfortunately, some people are still exposed to ridiculous myths and delusions connected with circle lenses. Let’s dispel them.


Myth 1Children and teenagers can’t wear circle lens.

Reality: Any colored contacts, including circle lenses, are possible for wearing from the earliest age as due to features of modern materials they create all conditions for the correct development of eyes. The most important thing is to visit an ophthalmologist to exclude existence of any individual contraindications, and also to follow hygiene rules, not to wear lenses more than prescribed, to sleep with them on no account.


Myth 2: It is painful to put circle lens on.

Reality: Circle lens diameter doesn’t differ from the diameter in such a cardinal way for you to be able to experience any difficulties with their use. Sometimes, during the first days of wearing any new lenses a little discomfort is possible, but it quickly fades (provided that lenses were selected in a correct way and all the instructions for their use were followed).


Myth 3: Circle lens are more exposed to infection risk.

Reality: Partly it can be the truth under some conditions: for example, a low-quality material,  which cheap Chinese analogs can brag of, and also non-compliance with hygiene rules when using lenses (not careful washing of hands, untimely replacement of the solution or containers for storage, wearing lenses during the periods of various diseases, bathing in open reservoirs, etc.). All of these things belong to any contact lenses. The infection risk is minimized upon following simple rules of care and wearing contact lenses.


Myth 4: Special solutions are necessary for circle lenses. 

Reality: Сircle lens treatment does not differ from usual lenses care. To start using circle lenses, it is enough to get any solution for cleaning and storage in a drugstore. You will find more detailed information in Wear & Care Guide.


Myth 5:  To those, who take sports, can’t wear circle lenses.

Reality:   To wear any modern contact colored contacts during sports activities is absolutely safe as they don’t fall out of eyes and don’t disturb in intensive activities in no way. Circle lens are very soft and they fit tight with an eye. And it is much more convenient and more pleasant to take sports with them than wearing eyeglasses. 


We hope this article finally allayed your fears concerning circle lenses, and their wearing will bring you only pleasure.

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