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Attention! Lenses wich will be discontinued soon...

Posted by Circle Lens Store 20/11/2018 0 Comment(s) News,

Dear Customers,


We are so sorry to inform you that our suppliers will discontinue re-stocking of the following lenses:


Hana SPC Hyper Circle Black
Hana SPC Hyper Circle Brown
Hana SPC Natural Brown
Hana SPC Natural Grey
Hana SPC Platinum Black
Hana SPC Platinum Brown
Super Pinky Brown
Super Pinky Green
Super Pinky Grey
Super Pinky Hazel
Super Pinky Violet
Super Pinky Wine Red
Vassen Bambi Queen Blue
Vassen Bambi Queen Brown
Vassen Bambi Queen Green
Vassen Bambi Queen Grey
Vassen Bambi Queen Violet
Vassen Dolly Plus Blue
Vassen Dolly Plus Brown
Vassen Dolly Plus Green
Vassen Dolly Plus Violet
Vassen Natural Sparkling Blue
Vassen Natural Sparkling Brown
Vassen Natural Sparkling Green
Vassen Natural Sparkling Grey
Vassen Natural Sparkling Violet
EOS Lace Blue
EOS Lace Brown
EOS Lace Green
EOS Lace Grey
EOS Lace Pink
EOS Lace Violet
G&G Ifax Black
G&G Ifax Brown


So now you have the last chance to order them while some powers are still in stock. 


Apologies for inconvenience caused.