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New Sensual Beauty by Desio

Posted by Circle Lens Store 08/09/2016 0 Comment(s) Blog,


Desio will shortly discontinue the Sensual Beauty lenses collection to make way for the New Sensual Beauty collection.


The New Sensual Beauty line will soon be available for retail and will be congruent with our other two ranges, Two Shades of Grey and Coffee Collection that have a diameter of 14.5mm and base curve of 8.7mm.

Also Desio has improved the Polymacon material for enhanced comfort and to allow the colors to be more vibrant. Therefore there will be a very slight change in shade of the majority of colours however the name will only change from, for example, Creamy Beige to New Creamy Beige. 

Desio is will also be discontinuing the Smoky Grey and replacing it with a brand new color, Jungle Fever, which is an intense green shade. As an alternative to the Smoky Grey, they recommend Lighter from the Two Shades of Grey Collection. 

The New Sensual Beauty will be available for retail from October the 2nd 2016. 


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