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Shopping Guide


1. Welcome to Circle Lens Store!
Please select the category in the left column or in the top menu.




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2. Then select an item.

3. Now you are on the item page. Please look carefully at the photos, the discriptions and the customer reviews. Select the power (if you have good eyesight, choose -0.00 for both eyes). Click the "ADD TO CART" button.



4. The product will appear in your Cart. Now you can have access to your cart. Just click the "Cart" icon.


5. Register or log in to continue. Registration requires no confirmation by email and takes no time, because you simply fill out the delivery form. In the future you won’t have to fill it out again. You can also continue as a Guest.

6. Please fill out the delivery form. If you made the order for yourself, the delivery info and payment info will be the same.


Please be sure you give us your correct e-mail address, as we will use it to send all information about your order, and also the tracking number.
We will also use it if we have any questions about your order.


7. Select the delivery method. Please, first read information about Shipping).

8.  Select the payment method. 

Enter your coupon code if you have one (Promotions).

Read the order terms. See the link below and mark it with a tick. If you disagree with the order terms,  please just close the window and do not make the order.

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9.  Make sure that the information you entered is correct and then confirm the order. 


10. You have now gone to the payment system page.  Follow the subsequent system instructions. They will provide you with all the necessary information for paying.

11. After payment you will receive an email confirmation, and the order status will change to "Approved".



If you have any difficulties please feel free to contact us