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Happy New Year 2020!
Happy New Year 2020!
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Solotica Azul (Blue) Are Discontinued
Solotica Azul (Blue) Are Discontinued
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Desio Attitude Quarterly
Desio Attitude Quarterly
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Happy New Year 2019!
Happy New Year 2019!
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Wear Guide


How to put contact lenses on

It is best to get into the habit of always to putting contact lens onto the one eye first, let's say the right eye. This way you won't mix up the right and the left ones. The lens should be placed onto a forefinger pulp of the right hand. Check the lens and make sure that it isn't turned outwards: its edges should be facing up, so that the shape of the lens resembles a cup. If the lens is the wrong way around, its edges will be directed downwards towards the finger and the shape of the lens resembles a plate
The lens has to be absolutely pure. If there are any doubts about its sterility, wash it again with the proper solution.


Putting on the lens with one hand:

The lower eyelid should be pulled away with a middle finger of the hand, whilst the lens is on a forefinger. Look upwards and place the contact lens onto the eyeball, below a pupil, from the forefinger. Ease away your forefinger, look downwards and allow the lens to reach the correct position. With your middle finger release the lower eyelid. Close your eyes for a moment so that the lens can take up the optimum position. Then repeat this procedure with the other eye.


Putting on the lens with two hands:

The lens is on the forefinger pulp of the right hand. Move the upper eyelid towards an eyebrow using the middle finger of the left hand. Pull the lower eyelid down using the middle finger of the right hand near the eyelash line. Place the lens onto your eye with your forefinger. Without releasing any fingers, look downwards so that the lens reaches the correct position. Then release the eyelids and repeat the actions with the other eye.




How to remove lenses

Always begin by removing the lens which you put on the first, so that you do not mix up the right and left ones. Wash your hands with soap and dry with a clean cloth. Look upwards and pull down a lower eyelid down using your middle finger.

Use a finger of the right hand for the right eye, and a finger of the left hand for the left eye.  Put your forefinger pulp onto the lower edge of the lens and ease it aside or downwards. Gently grip a lens using the index finger and the thumb, then pull it away from your eye. Repeat your actions with the other eye.