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About Us


About Circle Lens Store


Founded in 2014, Circle Lens Store is one of the biggest online stores of colored contact lenses. Here you can buy Korean circle lenses with big diameters, halloween & cosplay/anime lenses, scleral lenses, UV glow lenses and also ultra-natural premium quality Anesthesia and ColourVUE lenses.



Why us? 


The widest selection of magnifying colored contacts

Circle Lens Store provides you with a huge colored contacts selection of different types, diameters, shades and powers. Our catalogue includes more than 700 names of colored contacts, and it is constantly updated. 


High quality and low prices? Yes! 

We work only with major and approved suppliers, therefore we provide only original colored contacts from well-known manufacturers. Our contact lenses are made of natural hypoallergenic materials, have international certificates and are completely safe. And because of the direct supply and special favorable terms with our suppliers, we are able to support the most reasonable prices!


We like to make our customers happy with discounts and special offers

Our constant special offers:

- Free mail delivery on the purchase of any 2 items in one order;

- Free lens case for each pair of lenses;

- Other different special offers, allowing to get circle lenses and other colored contacts in a more profitable way.


Make the world brighter with us!





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