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- Can circle lenses somehow affect my eye health?

- Circle lenses, as well as the conventional colored contacts, do not strain the eyes and do not harm the eye health in any way when they are properly and carefully used. Circle lenses are made of qualitative hypoallergenic materials, and are as thin and soft as possible, therefore they cannot attenuate or damage the eye cornea. But we strongly recommend you to consult an ophthalmologist (especially if you have never worn contact lenses) for individual intolerance and contraindications, as well as for determination of your radius of eye curvature (base curve) and diopter (power).


- Of what material are circle lens made? 

- Circle lenses are made of polyhema and polymacon. These materials have good water absorption capacity and a high oxygen permeability coefficient that, according to ophthalmologists, manifest an extraordinary factor of comfort for eyes and their safety.


- What is a diopter (power)? What is a base curve?

- Diopter is a unit of measurement of the contact lenses optical power. If you wonder what a diopter is, you most likely have good eyesight :) In this case, you need plano lenses (-0.00 for both eyes). Now, let’s speak about the curvature. All contact lens have a  radius of curvature. It is very important to determine the base curve before you buy contacts. Every ophthalmologist can do that. Do not worry, if the radius of your eye curvature differs from the radius of the colored contacts curvature on 0.1-0.2 mm. You can read more information concerning the radius of curvature and the lens choice according to their diameter here.


- What shall I do, if my radius of curvature (BC) differs from the BC of contacts?

- The 0.1-0.2 mm difference in the radius of base curve is rather small and wearing lenses with the 8.6 radius of curvature if you have 8.4 most likely won't discomfort you. 


- I have brown eyes, will circle lenses cover my eye color?

- A pleasant feature of these lenses is that they cover all eye colors, even black! The majority of our website photos show circle lenses on dark eyes. 


- Do I need a special cleaning solution for these lenses? 

- Any cleaning solution for soft contact lenses will be suitable. You can buy it in pharmacies and opticians. In general, circle lens treatment is the same as for conventional contact lenses.


- At what age can I wear circle lenses? 

- The eye optical system can adapt to lenses at any age. However, doctors recommend contact lenses for children older than 12 years, because at this age children are generally able to comply with the necessary rules of hygiene and taking care of contact lenses. At the same time, medical practice shows that if a child is motivated to wear lenses, then wearing them can be successful at 7 and 10 years as well. In this case, there are no strict restrictions concerning the age.  Circle lenses create physiological conditions for the eye growth.


- What is the life span of your lenses?

- Circle lenses have a 1 year life span from the date of unpacking. If you are going to wear  contacts from time to time, for example, once a week, then they will serve you exactly 1 year; if you wear them every day, they will serve you 8-9 months, depending on their treatment. For a long life span, it is recommended to clean lens with special enzyme tablets or solution at least once every 1-2 months. We also have colored contacts with high moisture content for 1 month. The term of using scleral lenses – 6 months, UV-lenses, ColourVue - 3 months, Anesthesia lenses – 6 months.


- I have duplicate order. One is paid and the other is awaiting payment. How do I cancel the unpaid order?

- Please do not worry, if it is an unpaid order. We will not process it. Just never mind.

- Is the product price for one pair or for one lens?
All prices given on the website are for one pair (2 lenses).


- How do I know if my parcel was sent or not?

You can always log into your personal account by entering your username and password, and then clicking on the "Order History" link. Each stage of order processing has its own status:

Awaiting payment — You have confirmed the order; now you have to make the payment and then the order will start being processed;

Approved — We have confirmed the payment receipt and started to process your order;

Processing — The order is being processed;

Shipped — The parcel has been shipped to your address;

Canceled — You have made the order, but, perhaps, you changed your mind and did not pay it within the time allowed for payment. If you did not change your mind to pay the order, then just create a new one. 


- How can I track the parcel?

- After shipping we will give you a tracking number, so you will be able to track your parcel on the postal service websites. The tracking number will be sent to your email. Read more information here.


- I received a defective item, what shall I do?

- Each item is carefully checked for a manufacture defect before shipping, so the chances of receiving an item with a defect is very low. However, if you received such item, or the wrong item, please, immediately contact us. More information here.


- I've found an error / a mistype /an inaccuracy, etc. on the website. 

- We would be grateful, if you inform us about it on


- I wrote you but didn't get any response. What's going on, guys?

- We always attend any inquiries within 24 hours, but if you do not get our emails, please add our email to your contacts list and contact us again. Thank you.


 If you didn't find here the answer to your question, please contact us.




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