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Making an order on this site, I agree to the following terms and conditions:
- I understand that Circle Lens Store is not a medical doctor, opticians or optometrist and I should consult eye doctor before placing order, especially with power prescription lenses
- I fully assume all risk from Circle Lens Store and release Circle Lens Store from all legal liability. I understand that wearing contact lenses by their nature carry risk of injury and eye infection if lacks of proper care or guidelines are not followed. I have read the wear and care guide to minimize the risk, and understand that the risk of injury can never be totally eliminated.
- I understand that the local tax or custom duties are of my responsibility.
- I agree that any delay caused by local custom department is not a responsibility of Circle Lens Store.
- I understand that if I wish to cancel my order for any reason, I will be charged 10% of administration fees of the total amount purchase and I will be charged for 30% administration fees if the product has been shipped, in this context, shipping is non-refundable.
- I have read and understand the return and exchange policy. 
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